Two Turkey Trots and One Lesson


This was us (mom, dad, and me) after a twenty minute debate over how many layers to race in for “The Gobbler” 10K.   At the start line I decided to ditch my long sleeve top and run in a short sleeve shirt.  My plan was to hide it behind some shrubs and grab it after the race, but my mom was worried someone might steal it so she tied it around her waist and ran all six miles with it. That’s one of the really nice things about running with your parents, even though I’m thirty-five, my mom will still carry my stuff for me (thank you mom!).  My goal was to get under 40 minutes so I was thrilled that my Garmin read 39:03 and even happier that my chip time said 38:58.  It ended up being a progressive run for me, I stayed conservative for the first two miles with a 6:28 and a 6:30, then I picked up the pace and ran a 6:15, 6:08, 6:07, and a 6:04.  It was a PR for me on a 10K course and a goal that I’ve been chasing for more than a year.  The awards ceremony took place right after the race, but because some people had registered for the 10K and ended up running the 5K, I was initially awarded 3rd place.  Some VERY, VERY nice runners who had been behind me spoke right up and said that I was the first overall female (thank you nice runners).  The race director made the change and then re-awarded me first place.  Overall, the race was a great family friendly event with a 10K, 5K and the most adorable 1K for kids I’ve ever seen.  The shirts were bright yellow and came with matching brown and yellow sweat-head-bands (that my dad is rocking) for the win.

First prize was third place.

My first prize was third place.

My second prize was first place. The St. George Running Center always comes through with such amazing prizes for all of the local races. And yes I know the Gobbler is giving me rabbit ears.

My second prize was first place. The St. George Running Center always comes through with such amazing prizes for all of the local races. And yes I know the Gobbler is giving me rabbit ears.

This week I was able to participate in two Turkey Trots, one at the school where I teach, and “The Gobbler” with my family on Thanksgiving day.  Even though the courses, times, and expectations were very different, the lesson was the same.

I heard so many adults and kids saying things like:

“I ran, but I didn’t win.”


“It was only a 5K.”


“It was only a mile.”


“I finished, but I had to walk.”

We need to stop using words like “only” and “but” when we talk about our running. No one is judging us, no spectator is standing there looking at us and thinking they should run faster.  Let’s stop belittling our achievements and accomplishments because of our incorrect perceptions.  Instead, let’s be proud of our accomplishments, proud of our desire to make improvements, and proud that we had the courage to chase our own personal bests.  It’s an important step toward running our lives.  Happy running friends!

Did you run a Turkey Trot this year?

What kind of pie did you celebrate with for Thanksgiving?

4 thoughts on “Two Turkey Trots and One Lesson

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Pecan is so good and I’m always up for some pumpkin pie with a heaping scoop of whip cream. Happy running Regina!

  1. Tara Barnes says:

    I saw you at the Snow Canyon half this year!! You are amazing and so fast!! I also ran a turkey trot and got first in my age group but it was by far the worst run I have had in a long time. It humbled me big time. Your blog has given me great tips!!!

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Tara! You are so sweet! I love that downhill at Snow Canyon. Great job on the Turkey Trot. Running is such a humbling sport, I had a really hard St. George Marathon this year. I love the advice you win and you learn, but you never lose. Thank you for reading my blog! It means so much to me! Happy running my friend!

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