The Sunday Six


Here are 6 things running that I am loving right now and want to share them with you. Let’s jump right in!

Wearing: Asics Gel-Quantum 360’s


This is my second pair of these shoes and I love them.  My new ones are the Plum/Lightning/Pink Glow color (real color choice).   You can really feel the cushioning in these shoes, not in a bad way like I’m bouncing on the surface of the moon, but rather the gel cushioning feels like the perfect combination of support and comfort.  These shoes have a “trusstic system” that is supposed to deliver a spring-loaded ride to help power through each run.  I got my first pair last summer and probably put close to 500 miles on them.  I did most of my long runs in them training for the St. George Marathon and the majority of those miles were a lot of downhill, asphalt pounding, and in these shoes my feet never felt sore or achy.  I know shoes are a personal choice and there are so many great options, but this is a shoe I love to train in.

Using: New Yurbuds Inspire 300 Earphones


I grabbed this new pair at Target for $31.99 after losing one of the buds off of my last pair.  These earphones are supposed to be specifically designed for women and they have some great new features.  They come with this cute zippered pouch and an extra set of buds (thank you!) in case you lose one.  Additionally, each bud has a magnet on the back for keeping them free from tangles.  They have a twist-lock technology so that they don’t fall out of your ears.  I almost never have to re-adjust them during a run, they fit great!  I haven’t found a better pair for the price.

Reading: The Boys in the Boat


I have received this book twice as a gift and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t finish it either time. I opened it and read a chapter or two and then shelved it.   My dad pestered encouraged me to try it again imploring that “it’s such a great story!” I downloaded it on Audible and finally got into it, listening to it on my recovery runs.  It really is so good!  The story is about an 8-man rowing team from the University of Washington (my alma matter) who wound up competing in Hitler’s 1936 Olympics.  This story is absorbing not only because of the time period but because of the personal triumphs of the athletes.  Any endurance athlete will relate to the sacrifices made by these boys to achieve their goals.  There are some amazing quotes and examples of inspiration that I will draw on when I’m racing and facing those challenges that feel like the depths of despair. For example:

“Rowing is perhaps the toughest of sports. Once the race starts, there are no time-outs, no substitutions. It calls upon the limits of human endurance. The coach must therefore impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from mind, heart, and body.”

I think that goes for marathoning as well, runners push the limits of human endurance with their hearts, minds, and bodies.  It’s so good!  Go read it!

Running: The Tempo


On last Thursday’s tempo, I set a new personal record.

The tempo is my least favorite training run…because it’s hard.  Every. Time.  But my coach has helped me really commit to running  hard tempos and it has improved my running more than anything else.  This week I had 2 tempo runs:

Tuesday was 2 x 4 miles at MGP-I averaged 6:28’s.  (That is faster than my MGP by 12 seconds, we’re training just a little faster and hoping that the extra ten seconds will help race day feel great.)

Thursday was 5 miles at MGP.

My friend and I ran up Snow Canyon State Park.  It’s 5 miles of hills and more hills.  I figured I would be able to hit 6’s on my way down remembering that my legs would be tired after all those hills.  I was amazed at my pace.  I’ve never run 5 consecutive miles, averaging under 6 minutes…ever.  This is one of those small victories that comes at the end of weeks and months of training.  It’s a testament to the tempo, I’ve never run that kind of speed, and I’ve also never trained with this much tempo running.  They’re hard, but hard is worth it.

Thinking: Lauren Fleshman’s thoughts on “Running is Ritual”


Lauren Fleshman is a like the Walt Whitman of running.  Her words are inspired, honest, and deep.  I love these thoughts she shares on running.  She talks about the times when we struggle to get out of bed, lace up, and do the work and reminds us that there will be days when we can’t.  If you need a reason/reminder/kick in the pants this is a good one.  Read it here.

Eating: My Little’s Trail Mix


In my small town (St. George, Utah) it’s pretty big news when we get a brand new Harmons Grocery Store.  It is the closest we get to a Whole Foods within about 130 miles.  Although I have made the 2 hour drive to Vegas solely for my Whole Foods fix.   One of the fun new parts is a larger bulk foods area stocked with a lot of good options for a “choose-it-yourself” Trail Mix.  My Little’s was a mishmash of chocolate and peanut goodness, man I like the way this girl thinks, we must share the same DNA or something.

Your Turn!  I’d love to know what you’re wearing, using, reading, running, inspired by, and of course eating.  Happy running friends!


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  1. Katy says:

    Have you ever tried Advocare Spark? It gives me the boost I need for a long run! (Or just a long day!) Would be interested in hearing your opinion on it!

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