Summer Running Essentials

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Definition:  To exude sweat

As in “She was sweating profusely.”

Oh thank you Merriam Webster for that succinct and yet somehow pungently descriptive sentence.

Yes, it’s summer and I don’t know about you, but we are sweating our way through July.  Our high here in St. George?  It’s about 110.  Our low?  80.  My garage, where I keep my treadmill, it’s like a million degrees.

Summer running can be challenging as we battle the sun, the heat, and the humidity, so I wanted to not only share my summer running essentials with you but give you the chance to win them ALL with my SUMMER RUNNING ESSENTIALS GIVEAWAY.  To be entered to win you need to be 18 years or older, a resident of the United States or Canada, and enter your email address on the “Keep in Touch” button right here on my website.  Super easy, right?

My SUMMER ESSENTIALS GIVEAWAY! Valued at over $80! It includes: 1 Camelback Quick Grip Chill, 1 Body Glide Stick, 2 Nuun Electrolyte Tablets, and 1 North Face "Better than Naked" hat.

My SUMMER RUNNING ESSENTIALS GIVEAWAY! Valued at over $80! It includes: 1 CamelBak Quick Grip Chill, 1 Body Glide Stick, 2 Nuun Electrolyte Tablets, and 1 North Face “Better than Naked” hat.

Okay let’s get to the good stuff!

First, hydration.  I traded in my small Nathan handheld for this Camelbak one after a disastrous run in Zion National Park.  My Nathan handheld doesn’t have an open/close valve so each time I filled it up, the water shook out all over my shorts as I ran.  Now I like small pretty, pink things too, but I had to upgrade to a better handheld water bottle.  This Camelbak is bigger, but it’s not any harder to hold with it’s adjustable strap.  I love that it’s insulated, so it keeps my water colder and of course with the valve top, it’s not splashing or wasting that precious water.

Trails, treadmill, or road this is the best handheld water bottle I've ever used. I love it!

Trails, treadmill, or road this is the best handheld water bottle I’ve ever used. I love it!

Here’s another fun summer running word-chafing: underneath my arms, my lower back, and my inner thighs, just to name a few.  The worst thing about chafing is that you don’t always know it’s there until you shower and then have to scream so loudly your whole family knows it really hurts.  I bought this Body Glide at the St. George Running Center and I love it.  I just put it on those trouble spots before I get dressed and somehow it magically protects my skin.

It works like magic!

It works like magic!

Another summer run lifesaver is a good hat.  I love this one from The North Face, it’s called the “Better than Naked” hat. It’s an ultralight hat with a low profile brim that helps combat those bright summer rays.  It’s super breathable with mesh vents and has quick wicking fabric to help moisture evaporate faster.  I also love that I can just toss it in the washer with the rest of my running clothes and it comes out just fine.


With all that sweating it’s so important to be replenishing those lost electrolytes.  In the past I’ve used SmartWater and coconut water, but I began adding Nuun tablets to my water and I can really feel a difference.  I especially love the new Nuun Energy tablets with the added green tea extract and B vitamins.  Plus the flavors are really delicious like Cherry Limeade, so it tastes like a treat with no sugary after taste.


Summer running takes a few more products and a little more planning to pull off, but like all hard things each time we conquer them, we’re better for it.  Happy running friends!

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What helps get you through the summer heat?

What is your favorite Nuun flavor?

Do you prefer a hat, visor, or headband?

25 thoughts on “Summer Running Essentials

  1. Pam S says:

    I live in NC on the coast so heat and humidity are guarantees. I’ve never tried Nuun before so I’m game to find a new summer must for hydration and fueling.

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Pam! We’ve had storms rolling in and out this week and I can’t believe how much harder it is to run in humidity. I love Nuun, and the Nuun Energy gives you a great little boost.
      Happy running!

  2. Julie Weidner says:

    Nuun and tailwind for long summer runs! I use to prefer a visor but now wear a hat as well. The Florida heat and humidity is brutal so I use a neck gaitor with ice to keep cool!

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Julie,
      I have heard so many good things about Tailwind, I need to try it. I just don’t know how you amazing runners do the high humidity weather. It’s super hot in St. George, but it’s a dry heat and there’s a huge difference. The neck gaitor sounds like a great idea. Whatever it takes, right?
      Happy running!

  3. Mckenzie Hansen says:

    Running early is a must!! Way too hot after 8:00am???? I prefer a visor, and love the lemon lime flavor ! Saves my life!

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Amy,
      You are AMAZING! My daughter was born in September so I ran through a St. George summer very, very pregnant. I didn’t run far or fast, but I was so glad I was able to keep running. Happy running!

  4. Kayla Mascari says:

    I for some weird reason love running in summer heat! This summer nuun is what’s been getting me through! Love watermelon & tri berry the best but like them all! & I honestly haven’t ever tried a hat or visor …I need to do that !

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Kayla,
      Those sound like great flavors! I love that you love summer running! I’m always in a hat, it hides the mess of hair underneath it. Keep enjoying that summer sun!
      Happy running!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Morning runs, finding shade, and just being out in the heat so I climatise seems to work. I’m not much of a hat person – but I tend to go for the hat when I do. Just tried Nuun recently and quite like the lemonade one. 🙂

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Jennifer!
      Lemonade sounds so refreshing! I’m all about getting those early morning runs in too. Happy running!

  6. Emma @myfullfatlife says:

    What beautiful scenery you have on those trails!!

    I was just in Seattle running in lovely conditions for 2 weeks, and then ran a 5k back home in San Jose, CA yesterday. Wow the heat was killer. I usually run really early in the morning, but the race started at 9:15.

    I always run in a hat, and haven’t tried nuun yet. When I start upping my mileage in prep for my first half marathon in November, I want to start experimenting with gu and nuun.

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Emma,
      I love our red rocks in Southern Utah. I visited my parents who live close to Seattle in June and I was actually a little chilly running, but we’ve been roasting since we’ve been back. I would have really struggled with a 9:15 race start in the middle of summer, way to rock it!

      Those extra electrolytes really help boost my energy and I love Honeystinger for fuel.

      Happy running!

  7. Regina says:

    I try to get my runs in before the sun is out, not so lucky on the weekends though.
    Hat for sure, held ice on my head at Boston a few years ago and it’s been a go to ever since. Visors seem to allow my head to get HOT.
    I’ve tried Nuun once with a lime flavor, interesting that you feel a difference taking it, think I’ll have to try it out.
    THANKS for the opportunity for your giveaways!

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Regina!
      So smart to get it done early before the sun is out. I love a good hat for some sun protection. That ice trick sounds awesome! I always notice a difference between ice cold water and tepid water and I really like the Nuun Energy flavors, they pack a good little punch. Happy running!

  8. Kimberly G says:

    To be honest, if it’s too hot, I just jump on the treadmill. I hate everything about summer running, lol

    My favorite Nuun flavors are Watermelon and Pink Lemonade 🙂

    I prefer a hat because for some reasons visors do not fit my head well.

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      That Pink Lemonade flavor sounds amazing! I need to try that one! I really should move my treadmill into the house and take advantage of the AC. I have to hide my messy morning hair underneath my hat so it’s a win-win for me. Happy running! 🙂

  9. Natalie says:

    We recently moved to Ohio from Oklahoma… WHAT a change! There, I stashed water at friends houses and grabbed ice from gas stations for my hat.

    My favorite Nuun flavor is… all of them! I really liked Kona Cola. It tasted like a flat coke and settled my stomach sometimes.

    I only wear a hat to keep ice in place. Otherwise it’s a headband. If you saw my hair, you’d understand why.

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Hi Natalie! Water stops are a must! I love that you stashed water at your friend’s houses. Those are good friends! That Nuun flavor sounds amazing, I’ll have to see if I can find it. I totally hear you with the hair, that’s part of why my hat wearing is critical. Happy running!

  10. Jessica says:

    The heat just got super bad here in So Cal, so I’ve been loving my daily Nuun! I prefer a visor because it lets my head breath, but I will have to try this hat. I run super early in the morning on the weekends for my long runs. I frequently stop at water fountains as well and make sure they’re on my path in case I run out too.

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      This summer heat is just crazy! Those early morning runs are a must. I run along a golf course that has cold water in coolers with cups, I help myself to a lot of it. 🙂 Happy running!

  11. Karla Kletzien says:

    This is my first summer running and my first summer in the south! I’m having an extremely hard time adjusting and staying motivated with these high temps! I try to wake up before the sun to get my run in and remembering that I need these runs in order to run my first full marathon in November!

    My favorite Nuun flavor is the Berry! But I really do love all the flavors!

    For running I always have a headband on to keep my hair back. I just bought a visor too because I was worried a hat would make my heat too hot! Never ran with a hat though so I’m not sure if it really would!

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Yay to your first marathon! How exciting! Which one is it? That’s so true, I haven’t found a flavor I don’t like. I hear you, I’ve had hats that just don’t breathe. I wore one in Boston this year and yanked it off at like mile 23, I was roasting. I love this North Face one for the vents, but staying cool is so important. Best of luck with your training and happy running!

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