The Parowan Half Marathon 2016

The thunder shook my house, in fact, it woke me up just before my alarm was set to go off at 3:15 am.  My sleepy and slow senses began to calculate the impact of the torrential downpour that accompanied the rumbling.  Pouring rain on a race day always reminds me that there are worse things […]

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Summer Running Essentials

Sweating Definition:  To exude sweat As in “She was sweating profusely.” Oh thank you Merriam Webster for that succinct and yet somehow pungently descriptive sentence. Yes, it’s summer and I don’t know about you, but we are sweating our way through July.  Our high here in St. George?  It’s about 110.  Our low?  80.  My garage, where […]

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The Kindness of Strangers

I have the coolest running story to share with you! My friend Crystal is the one in the middle with the cute pink shorts (Lululemon).  When I first read about this experience on her Facebook page I was amazed and even got a little choked up. One of her friends commented that is was a […]

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Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon Recap

Joan Jett, in true rocker spirit, famously said “I love rock ‘n roll,”  and with her raw guitar chords, 80’s mullet, and black eyeliner, you knew she meant it. If ever running and rock intersected then that was the kind of party I didn’t want to miss.  So when my Dad asked if I wanted […]

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Running on Vacation

Whoever said, “I only need a six month vacation twice a year,”  was a wise, wise person.  There is nothing quite like a vacation to allow the mind, body, and soul (cheesy but true) to reset, especially when the getaway includes sun, sand, and surf.  Last January my parents invited me and my little family […]

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A Marathon Reveal and a Running Resume

I literally had to move to St. George to finally be able to run the marathon.  Prior to moving here (we moved from the Seattle area), I had applied twice and wasn’t selected either time, so I still get nervous when registration opens.  I cross my fingers, double check my address (I always want to […]

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Marathon Lessons

  There is a learning curve to every facet of our lives and it’s amazing how quickly we learn when we have to.  Motherhood was like that; our short but anxious drive home from the hospital holding my daughter’s tiny hand left me wondering, can I really do this?  My first year of teaching was […]

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Mt. Charleston Race Recap

I love the quote, “If Plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters.” Mt. Charleston, part of the Revel Race Series, was Plan B. Before going to Boston my husband and I had a long talk, I was deep in taper trauma and having one of those “what-if” meltdowns: what if it’s too hot, […]

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Much Ado About Boston

Boston was buzzing with excitement; the city and the people have an enthusiasm and energy for marathons unmatched by any other venue I’ve ever experienced .  They welcome the marathon runners with open arms,  generously allowing us to all feel like “Bostonians” for one day. Here are a few more pictures about my third Boston […]

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