Hi Friends! Welcome to Running Our Lives!

Runners get asked a lot, “Why do you run?”

My answer to that question is simple; I love it.

Non-runners don’t get it.  They shake their heads, shrug their shoulders, and smile politely (because they think we’re all a little nutty).  But  runners do.  We know that our reasons for running are deep and personal. We know that running brings clarity and heals your soul like few other things can. We know that running teaches you about who you are, reveals your strengths and weaknesses, and challenges you in extraordinary ways. We know that running has formed friendships for life because miles bond you. Running makes me be a better mom, wife, teacher, and friend; those titles that I value the most.

This is why I run. I’ve run to PR, I’ve even run to win a few times and many, many times I’ve run to simply finish. I’ve run to heal heartache, I’ve run for emotional clarity, I’ve run to combat depression. Running is personal and honest, and I want to share my running journey with you. The ups and downs, the challenges and achievements, the everyday and the extraordinary, the struggle and the beauty. Whether it’s a 5K or a marathon, let’s run our lives together, one step at a time.


Running the Red Rock Relay 2014. This is one of my favorite running days ever with some of my favorite runners in the world.













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