A Marathon Reveal and a Running Resume

I literally had to move to St. George to finally be able to run the marathon.  Prior to moving here (we moved from the Seattle area), I had applied twice and wasn’t selected either time, so I still get nervous when registration opens.  I cross my fingers, double check my address (I always want to BOLD my city, state, and zip code so there can be no doubt), and still worry that somehow I might not get in.  But I am excited to announce that I will be running the 2016 St. George Marathon on October 1st.

IMG_6700St. George is my absolute favorite race to be a part of.  It’s my hometown and that of course makes it special.  But the best part is training with my friends, sharing our marathon goals together, and seeing the hard work pay off.  A lot of runners erroneously believe that St. George is an all downhill, easy race, but it’s not.  It’s a course where if you want to be successful you have to be strategic.  I’ve had some success on the course, I was able to get my first BQ here, but I’ve also been humbled by this race and it’s never been my PR.

This year after reading through some of the fine print on the website, I decided to be brave and apply for an Elite Spot.  The requirement time for the Open Women was a 2:55 marathon or a 1:25 half marathon.  My marathon PR is 2:55:16, so I wasn’t sure if that would qualify me, but I do have 3 half marathon times from this year that are below the requirement.  Additionally, I had to attach a “Running Resume.” What the heck is a running resume, were my exact words next words.  I know…heck (you can roll your eyes), remember I’m from Utah now.  So I did what I do anytime I have a running question, I quickly texted my friend Amber who showed me an example of hers.

I will be cheering Amber on to another victory!

I will be cheering Amber on to another St. George Marathon victory!

Basically, it’s a short introduction about yourself, which includes your racing profile for the last 2-3 years, and some references (I used my coach and also the owner of our local racing team).


Here was the response:


Basically, it changes nothing (I get it, 16 seconds is 16 seconds, you have to draw the line somewhere), but it’s always worth asking because you only stand to gain.  My plan is to take the month of June easy and build my base back up slowly.  Then in July, the real work will begin and I am so excited to see what’s possible.  I would of love to get a PR on this course, but I would be so happy to see a 2:XX:XX. I will be working hard on this new dream.

What’s your next race?

What are your summer running plans?

Have you ever run St. George?

3 thoughts on “A Marathon Reveal and a Running Resume

  1. Regina says:

    October 9th Long Beach Ca. My hometown marathon, every year since 2010. Running plans to follow the BOSTON running guide along with my running group AREC on Sat mornings. I have never ran St. George, only have heard about it from all your posts and blogs…looks very challenging. Congratulations on Sub-Elite status, heaters sound nice and perhaps better goodies!

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Regina! I love that we’ll both be training for an October Marathon. Hometown marathons are special! Happy running!

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