Why I’m Not Running Boston This Year

The 2016 Boston finish line

I haven’t done a very good job of sharing my goals with you.

Running goals are so personal to me, and they sometimes feel so big and scary that I just want to keep them safely tucked away in my own heart, mind, and muscles.

My next marathon goal is a big one.

When people ask me what I’m shooting for I sort of whisper out slowly, “2:51.” Then I brace myself for impact; worried that their reaction will reveal my own fears and insecurities and that those doubts will begin to stick. With that goal at the forefront of my training, I had to make a choice about which spring marathon to race.

I still have something to prove to myself in the marathon distance, a lot actually. I felt like I left some time out on the St. George Marathon course last October,  I wondered if I was even a bit “over-cooked” for the race.  And after a bad race experience the previous year (2015), it was so important to me to sub 3 on my home town course that I found myself running very strategically, but a tad conservatively.

So with my next goal in mind,  I’m sad to say that I won’t be running Boston this year.  I registered way back in the fall with the wishful hope of there being a maybe-sorta-fingers-crossed way to run it. Even though my heart went ahead and planned the trip, by January, my head knew it wasn’t going to work, not logistically, not this year.

Last year Boston was Plan A, I was going there to sub 3.  When that didn’t happen, Plan B was for the Mt. Charleston Marathon 18 days later.  This year the Boston Marathon and the Mt. Charleston Marathon are only 12 days apart and I knew I couldn’t do both if I was really racing and going for a personal best. Even if I ran Boston as a training run, I was concerned that with the jet lag, fatigue, and accompanying travel cold (I swear I get one every time I step foot on a plane, hand sanitizer or not) I just couldn’t take the risk.

I chose the more advantageous course, that’s closer to my home, and comes with the guarantee that my husband will be there to cheer me on (it’s amazing how important that piece of the PR puzzle is).  Last year, the Mt. Charleston Marathon marathon was a 5 minute PR for me and I am hopeful that it will be again.

My heart strings will definitely twinge and ache a little on Patriot’s Day that I’m not out there pounding the pavement at the oldest, greatest, and fastest marathon.   But I will be sending out all the best race vibes to everyone running and I’ll be cheering you on from St. George, Utah.

Whether or not you’re running Boston, whether or not you’ve even “BQ-ed”, you can still celebrate the race.  The race theme this year is “Make it Your Moment” and runners will be using the hashtag beboston.  I love this because everyones goals and motivation for running are so individual and unique.  This theme then becomes an invitation to be YOUR best. Boston expects your best, requires your best; and the history, the city, and people there make it so rewarding for giving your best.  So wear your Boston blue and yellow, stream the marathon and watch it live, and cheer on all the amazing runners.  On April 17th, whether you’re running your home town streets, or turning left onto Bolyston, give running your best.  The chance for me to make my moment will come on April 29th this year.  Happy running friends!

Turning onto Boylston. 385 feet of the greatest stretch of road in marathon history.


Who is running Boston This Year?

Have you ever run Boston before?

What’s your favorite non-running activity to do in Boston? 






5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Running Boston This Year

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing and I think this is so smart! It is truly quality over quantity and you have big things ahead! I am sending you all my love and luck. I hope we get to meet at a race someday soon.

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Jennifer you have always been such a great friend and supporter! I can’t wait to cheer for you this year! You’re going to do amazing! -Katie

    • Katie Guisinger says:

      Ilana thank you so much for the good vibes! I am going to need those at Mt. Charleston. Happy running! -Katie

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