Science Says We Need More Shoes

Hi friends!  Thanks for stopping by Running Our Lives.  Today I have a mini-science lesson combined with relationship economics 101.  Tell me if  this conversation sounds familiar?

Partner:  Are those new shoes?

Runner: These? No I’ve had them forever.

Partner: Really, because they still have the tags on them, and I can see the box they came in, and I saw the charge on our account.

Runner: {Kicking away box} No, I keep all the tags on my shoes for a really long time.

Stage directions: Runner exits nearest door and runs, runs as fast as she can in those very, very old shoes.

Since the dodge and flee technique might not always be the best way to communicate with your partner, use this data instead. Science has figured out that more shoes is a good thing.  (As if we needed scientists, our female genes have imprinted shoe obsession on our DNA strands since the beginning of time).  But here is the science in case you need a few factoids to boost your domestic budgeting argument  discussions.  A study of 264 runners proved that you need two OR MORE pairs to rotate through your weekly runs.  Doing this can lower your risk of injury by 39% (Runners World 2013).  Here’s why running in different shoes matters, the slight changes in the shoe structure can distribute the impact of running differently.   It provides a variation in your running pattern which reduces the impact and strain on tissues.   When considering that many running injuries are caused by over-use,  slight factors in a shoe can make a big difference in prevention.  Does this mean that rotating shoes will keep me running injury free?  No, but it’s an important part of the injury prevention equation and it means more shoe shopping.  Remember-it’s a scientific fact, we need more shoes.

How many running shoes do you have?

What’s your favorite Pair to run In?

Have you ever fibbed about new running Gear?

One thought on “Science Says We Need More Shoes

  1. Brooke says:

    Cool! I had no idea, but this is reason enough for me. (BTW, I’m totally blaming you when Nathan wonders why I have so many shoes all of a sudden.) 🙂

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the various kinds of shoes that you like/dislike.

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