The Saint George Marathon Recap

When my coach sent me my splits for the St. George marathon it was for three hours. Flat.  He added the following caveat, “I think you are capable of going under three hours if you stick to the pace for the first half, then adjust how you are feeling for the second half, but remain […]

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The Parowan Half Marathon 2016

The thunder shook my house, in fact, it woke me up just before my alarm was set to go off at 3:15 am.  My sleepy and slow senses began to calculate the impact of the torrential downpour that accompanied the rumbling.  Pouring rain on a race day always reminds me that there are worse things […]

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Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon Recap

Joan Jett, in true rocker spirit, famously said “I love rock ‘n roll,”  and with her raw guitar chords, 80’s mullet, and black eyeliner, you knew she meant it. If ever running and rock intersected then that was the kind of party I didn’t want to miss.  So when my Dad asked if I wanted […]

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Running on Vacation

Whoever said, “I only need a six month vacation twice a year,”  was a wise, wise person.  There is nothing quite like a vacation to allow the mind, body, and soul (cheesy but true) to reset, especially when the getaway includes sun, sand, and surf.  Last January my parents invited me and my little family […]

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A Marathon Reveal and a Running Resume

I literally had to move to St. George to finally be able to run the marathon.  Prior to moving here (we moved from the Seattle area), I had applied twice and wasn’t selected either time, so I still get nervous when registration opens.  I cross my fingers, double check my address (I always want to […]

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