A 100 Mile Week

My coach had me run a 100 mile training week as part of my preparation for the Mt. Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas on April 29th.  I decided I would take one picture of each run to document how I’m able to break up 100 miles into 6 days of training (I always take a […]

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Healing a Hamstring Injury

And everything you ever wanted to know about dry needling. What is dry needling?  That’s a question I received after posting about my experience on Instagram.  How in the world I could think something called “dry needling” A. wouldn’t involve needles, and B. wouldn’t hurt, is either a testament to the power of positive thinking or […]

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The Road to Boston

I love this quote from Kara Goucher, “There are a million reasons why you can’t.  Focus on the few reason why you CAN.”  I added the all caps on the word can because I think it’s natural to feel anxiety and doubt before a big race, but those fears will feel lighter when we focus […]

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The Sunday Six

Here are 6 things running that I am loving right now and want to share them with you. Let’s jump right in! Wearing: Asics Gel-Quantum 360’s This is my second pair of these shoes and I love them.  My new ones are the Plum/Lightning/Pink Glow color (real color choice).   You can really feel the […]

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5 Reasons to Love Treadmill Running

With winter fast approaching and the outside temperature dropping faster than pine needles on an indoor Christmas tree, I’ve been learning to love my treadmill.  My first choice is always to run outside.  I crave fresh air, sunshine, and the rhythm of my feet on pavement, but some days it’s just not possible. So for […]

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Marathon Training and the Big 2-0

I woke up and opened my email.  I always do a quick scan of senders but any time there is one from “St. George Marathon” it gets my immediate attention. It was from the race director, Kami Elsworth reminding runners that we are  a mere one month and eighteen days away from the race.  My […]

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