The Saint George Marathon Recap

When my coach sent me my splits for the St. George marathon it was for three hours. Flat.  He added the following caveat, “I think you are capable of going under three hours if you stick to the pace for the first half, then adjust how you are feeling for the second half, but remain […]

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10 Tips for Running Your First Marathon

When you tell people that you’re running your first marathon, be prepared for a barrage of unsolicited helpful advice.  It’s a lot like your first baby: natural or epidural, breast or bottle, Ferber method or attachment parenting, disposable or reusable.  Your brain is combating the sensory overload onslaught of information coming your way.  But when your […]

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Marathon Training and the Big 2-0

I woke up and opened my email.  I always do a quick scan of senders but any time there is one from “St. George Marathon” it gets my immediate attention. It was from the race director, Kami Elsworth reminding runners that we are  a mere one month and eighteen days away from the race.  My […]

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What to Eat Before You Run

Quads, calves and abs are muscles we spend a lot of time training in preparation for a marathon, But are you training your gut? Finding the right fuel for any runner is a process of trial and error.  Even the most experienced runners struggle to find what works best for their bodies. For any workout […]

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