The Saint George Marathon Recap

When my coach sent me my splits for the St. George marathon it was for three hours. Flat.  He added the following caveat, “I think you are capable of going under three hours if you stick to the pace for the first half, then adjust how you are feeling for the second half, but remain […]

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Mt. Charleston Race Recap

I love the quote, “If Plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters.” Mt. Charleston, part of the Revel Race Series, was Plan B. Before going to Boston my husband and I had a long talk, I was deep in taper trauma and having one of those “what-if” meltdowns: what if it’s too hot, […]

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Much Ado About Boston

Boston was buzzing with excitement; the city and the people have an enthusiasm and energy for marathons unmatched by any other venue I’ve ever experienced .  They welcome the marathon runners with open arms,  generously allowing us to all feel like “Bostonians” for one day. Here are a few more pictures about my third Boston […]

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Boston 2016 Race Recap

  It’s been said that everyone who finishes the Boston Marathon has their own great moment in sports.  Here is mine. That strawberry blonde ponytail in the picture, that’s my friend Amber and any success I had in Boston, she deserves a large portion of the credit.  Her last marathon was the Olympic Trials and […]

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The Susan G. Komen “Save a Sister” Race

Pink.  Pink hats, pink ribbons, pink tights, pink shoes, pink tutus, even a pair of pink, furry leg-warmers  were donned by one race official.  The ubiquitous color of breast cancer awareness was everywhere.  And smiles, smiles on survivors, on fighters, on family, on friends, and on spectators.  Some people walked, some people ran, and some […]

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