Running and Caffeine

Caffeine doesn’t ask silly questions, caffeine understands.  Caffeine understands that it’s 4 in the morning, that it’s a Monday, that my toddler crawled into bed with me at 11:30 and slept horizontally pressing her tiny little toes into my side all night, and that I have a 10 mile training run to squeeze in before […]

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Macros 101

Students and teachers alike are taught the axiom that the only stupid question is the one not asked.  But to be honest, I feel a little stupid for having to ask, “What’s a macro?” I keep seeing so many people who are getting amazing results by tracking their macros and I wasn’t even sure what […]

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What to Eat Before You Run

Quads, calves and abs are muscles we spend a lot of time training in preparation for a marathon, But are you training your gut? Finding the right fuel for any runner is a process of trial and error.  Even the most experienced runners struggle to find what works best for their bodies. For any workout […]

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Hi Friends! Welcome to Running Our Lives!

Runners get asked a lot, “Why do you run?” My answer to that question is simple; I love it. Non-runners don’t get it.  They shake their heads, shrug their shoulders, and smile politely (because they think we’re all a little nutty).  But  runners do.  We know that our reasons for running are deep and personal. […]

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