The Kindness of Strangers

I have the coolest running story to share with you! My friend Crystal is the one in the middle with the cute pink shorts (Lululemon).  When I first read about this experience on her Facebook page I was amazed and even got a little choked up. One of her friends commented that is was a […]

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15 Ways to Fall in Love with Running

This week I got to be a part of Angela’s,  from  “15  From 2015” which is a series celebrating the running community and sharing insights and experiences from other runners.    Angela is an amazing blogger, runner (Ironman, Ultra Marathoner, and BQ), and human; she shares her passion for life, exercising, and healthy eating.  I […]

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5 Reasons to Get a Running Coach

Coach-How did you feel about Snow Canyon?  I’m guessing you wanted to go a little faster. Me: It was a PR. Coach: Oh,  I don’t know why I thought you wanted to run it faster. Me: Because I can’t yet, please help me. Coach: Okay! Coach as defined by Merriam-Webster: a person who teaches or […]

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How to Overcome Race Day Nerves

I’m suffering from a case of the “what-ifs.” It’s a seasonal disorder that settles in about a month away from a race.  Right, about…now.  This is when the “what-ifs” start taking over my mind and run on replay every night.  What if I’m under-trained? What if I over-trained?  What if I’m sick?  What if I […]

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10 Tips for Running Your First Marathon

When you tell people that you’re running your first marathon, be prepared for a barrage of unsolicited helpful advice.  It’s a lot like your first baby: natural or epidural, breast or bottle, Ferber method or attachment parenting, disposable or reusable.  Your brain is combating the sensory overload onslaught of information coming your way.  But when your […]

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