Boston 2016 Race Recap

  It’s been said that everyone who finishes the Boston Marathon has their own great moment in sports.  Here is mine. That strawberry blonde ponytail in the picture, that’s my friend Amber and any success I had in Boston, she deserves a large portion of the credit.  Her last marathon was the Olympic Trials and […]

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5 Reasons to Get a Running Coach

Coach-How did you feel about Snow Canyon?  I’m guessing you wanted to go a little faster. Me: It was a PR. Coach: Oh,  I don’t know why I thought you wanted to run it faster. Me: Because I can’t yet, please help me. Coach: Okay! Coach as defined by Merriam-Webster: a person who teaches or […]

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Marathon Recovery

7 Ways to Save Your Sanity After A Marathon We love hard things, we’re marathoners!  We are the kind of people who are fueled by challenges, dreams, and goals.  By 5 am we’re up and running the dark streets of our towns leaving streaks of caffeinated nitrous behind us.  We pull double run shifts because […]

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How to Overcome Race Day Nerves

I’m suffering from a case of the “what-ifs.” It’s a seasonal disorder that settles in about a month away from a race.  Right, about…now.  This is when the “what-ifs” start taking over my mind and run on replay every night.  What if I’m under-trained? What if I over-trained?  What if I’m sick?  What if I […]

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10 Tips for Running Your First Marathon

When you tell people that you’re running your first marathon, be prepared for a barrage of unsolicited helpful advice.  It’s a lot like your first baby: natural or epidural, breast or bottle, Ferber method or attachment parenting, disposable or reusable.  Your brain is combating the sensory overload onslaught of information coming your way.  But when your […]

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What to Eat Before You Run

Quads, calves and abs are muscles we spend a lot of time training in preparation for a marathon, But are you training your gut? Finding the right fuel for any runner is a process of trial and error.  Even the most experienced runners struggle to find what works best for their bodies. For any workout […]

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Science Says We Need More Shoes

Hi friends!  Thanks for stopping by Running Our Lives.  Today I have a mini-science lesson combined with relationship economics 101.  Tell me if  this conversation sounds familiar? Partner:  Are those new shoes? Runner: These? No I’ve had them forever. Partner: Really, because they still have the tags on them, and I can see the box […]

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