A 100 Mile Week

My coach had me run a 100 mile training week as part of my preparation for the Mt. Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas on April 29th.  I decided I would take one picture of each run to document how I’m able to break up 100 miles into 6 days of training (I always take a […]

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Healing a Hamstring Injury

And everything you ever wanted to know about dry needling. What is dry needling?  That’s a question I received after posting about my experience on Instagram.  How in the world I could think something called “dry needling” A. wouldn’t involve needles, and B. wouldn’t hurt, is either a testament to the power of positive thinking or […]

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The Saint George Marathon Recap

When my coach sent me my splits for the St. George marathon it was for three hours. Flat.  He added the following caveat, “I think you are capable of going under three hours if you stick to the pace for the first half, then adjust how you are feeling for the second half, but remain […]

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